Introductory or Honeymoon Rate
  • Offers a low interest rate usually for the 1st year of the loan. The rate may be fixed, variable or capped.
  • Once the honeymoon period is finished the interest rate usually reverts to the institutions standard variable rate.
  • The initial low rate offers a chance for you to reduce the principal quickly by making extra repayments.
  • Can be a disadvantage if the honeymoon rate is fixed and the standard variable rate decreases during the period.
  • An offset facility can usually be used in conjunction with this loan.
  • Most banks charge penalties if you discharge such mortgages within 3 to 4 years.
How much can you borrow?
It is the first question we face before applying for loan. This calculator
tool will give you a fair indication of
your borrowing capacity so you can
plan your course of action regarding your finances.
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much can I borrow
Servicing a loan is by far the most critical part of your relationship
with the lender. Find out what
your approximate monthly or fortnightly payments by using tis calculator tool.
Click here to access the Repayment Amount calculator.
How much will be the stamp duty?
The Stamp Duty charge is a significant one and you must factor
it in while planning to apply for a loan. Find out what your Stamp
Duty obligations by using this calculator tool.
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Stamp Duty
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