Fixed Rate
  • Allows you to fix your interest rate, and thus your repayments, for up to 10 years.
  • Once the fixed rate period is finished the rate will usually revert to the institution’s standard variable rate unless you decide to rollover to another fixed term.
  • This is a good loan to be in times of rates rises, but you can be disadvantaged if the rates start falling.
  • Generally most lenders restrict the amount of extra repayments you can make on fixed rate loans. Usually the limit is $10,000 p.a. as extra payments. If extra repayments exceed this amount then break costs may apply.
  • If a fixed rate loan is paid out (including refinanced) during the fixed rate period a hefty break cost may apply.
How much can you borrow?
It is the first question we face before applying for loan. This calculator
tool will give you a fair indication of
your borrowing capacity so you can
plan your course of action regarding your finances.
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much can I borrow
Servicing a loan is by far the most critical part of your relationship
with the lender. Find out what
your approximate monthly or fortnightly payments by using tis calculator tool.
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How much will be the stamp duty?
The Stamp Duty charge is a significant one and you must factor
it in while planning to apply for a loan. Find out what your Stamp
Duty obligations by using this calculator tool.
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Stamp Duty
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