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Auscare Home Loans are one of the leading mortgage brokers in Blacktown, servicing clients all over Sydney and even interstate, is a professionally run business which always puts its customers first.

What sets Auscare Home Loans apart from the rest is our service – both transparent and professional, we always try to make sure you receive the most appropriate advice and solutions which suits your situation and circumstances.

Buying a home comes with many challenges. At Auscare Home Loans, it is our focus to make sure getting the right mortgage is not one of them. Years of experience and constant improvement enables us at Auscare Home Loans to maintain great relations with lenders. Whether you are in the market for a new home, or want to refinance an existing mortgage, or need advice and finance for an investment property, call us at Auscare Home Loans.

Choose the loan that
suits you best
Business   Loans
Starting a business is full of challenges. But we make sure that sourcing appropriate finance isn’t one of them. Whether you need a loan to start a business, or to fund an expansion, talk to us at Auscare Home Loans.
Investment   Loans
Looking for finance to enter the investment market? Let us help you get the right investment loan to suit you requirements. Remember, an investment loan, like all loans, can be structured in many ways.
Construction   Loans
If you are going for a home & land package, you are one of thousands of home buyers who are building their dream home. At Auscare we will be happy to help you in your journey with the most suitable loan product for you.
Equipment   Finance
If you are in a profession/industry that uses machines & equipment, you may need to upgrade your technical set up to grow your business. If you are looking for finance for equipment purchase or upgrade, talk to us at Auscare Home Loans.
How much can you borrow?
It is the first question we face before applying for loan. This calculator
tool will give you a fair indication of
your borrowing capacity so you can
plan your course of action regarding your finances.
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much can I borrow
Servicing a loan is by far the most critical part of your relationship
with the lender. Find out what
your approximate monthly or fortnightly payments by using tis calculator tool.
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How much will be the stamp duty?
The Stamp Duty charge is a significant one and you must factor
it in while planning to apply for a loan. Find out what your Stamp
Duty obligations by using this calculator tool.
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Stamp Duty
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